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Company Profile


TELEPRENEUR CORP (TPC) is a duly registered 100% Filipino owned company with SEC Reg. no. CS201115301. The company provides All Network Prepaid Loads, as well as various wellness products, through Multi-Level Marketing (MLM). The Incorporators of the company consist of dynamic individuals well equipped with MLM expertise along with an IT highly skilled in developing MLM systems. Their combined knowledge and experiences in the MLM and Prepaid Loading Industries resulted in TPC having the fastest, most reliable E-loading system. Now, TPC stands as the leading MLM Direct Selling Company in terms of All Network Prepaid Loading. A very unique compensation plan backed-up with a superb IT system also makes TELEPRENEUR CORP the most generous company in terms of payouts.

TELEPRENEUR CORP Dealers enjoy easy-to-use and customer-oriented services accessible through constantly updated SMS facilities. Furthermore, every valued Dealer is assured of continued all out support to ensure an attainable, sustainable, highly profitable and hassle-free business for every investment entrusted to our company.


  • To constantly upgrade its systems, products and services to respond to the needs and demands of its dealers and consumers.
  • To develop and uplift its employees’ personal and professional well being.
  • To provide appropriate training to produce quality leaders for them to achieve financial freedom thru the TPC’s unique compensation plan.
  • To meet stockholders expectations in terms of return of investment.


To become the LARGEST and RESPONSIBLE Multi-Level Marketing Company and SOLUTIONS PROVIDER in the Philippines

The Management


Lorenzo B. Rellosa

President & CEO


Vice President for Marketing


Executive Vice President

Message from the President


On behalf of Telepreneur Corp.’s management and staff, I would like to welcome all of you to our company’s website. We hope you will find it informative. It is now easy to be updated on the latest developments and activities of the company because the site is full of good news, photos and stories which I believe, you will find inspiring.
Characteristics such as hardworking, family-oriented, friendliness, good relationship with others, humor, loyalty, love of knowledge and learning, dreams-driven, helpful, resourcefulness, creativity, excellence and commitment are the spirits of TPC, evident in all our activities.
Today, we can already claim that TPC is the biggest MLM Company in the Philippines in terms of Eload Sales.

To all our members, we thank you for trusting us and for being a part of TPC’s Success. We will continue to do our share in changing the lives of the Filipino people. Like what I have always been telling you. “Aakayin namin kayo patungo sa pangarap nyo”.
To our website guests, we truly appreciate your visit .
God Bless us all!

President & CEO
Telepreneur Corp


Reload all Prepaid Load from Different Telecommunications, Cable Networks, Gaming Pins using only your phone.

Be a Member! First

Choose your type of membership from Silver, Gold, Platinum to be able to access our system

Product Code List

Select from different Product codes available!


Send your transaction to your prescribe gateway.
For free SMS, use the default gateway 8724


In less than a minute, You will be receiving your transaction confirmation.

Choose from these Packages

Membership Access

P 2,998
  • 50 Activation credits
  • Marketing Tools
  • Tarpaulin
  • Brochure
  • Product Codes
P 6,998
  • 120 Activation Credits
  • Marketing Tools
  • Globe Power Pay Plus
  • Insurance
  • TPC Products
  • 200 Activation Credits
  • Marketing Tools
  • 1,000 LoadCredits
  • TPC Products
  • 250 Activation Credits
  • Marketing Tools
  • 1,000 LoadCredits
  • TPC Products

Marketing Plan

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Activation Credits

– 50 credits to activate System User
– Sold for P300 per activation (P15,000)
– Activation includes 100Load Pocket

Package Cost

– Price: P2,998

Marketing Materials

– Paper Bag

– Brochure

– Tarpaulin

– Product Codes

Silver Package Web Grid

Gold Package

Activation Credits

– 120 credits to activate System User
– Sold for P300 per activation (P36,000)
– Activation includes 100Load Pockets

Package Cost

– Price: P6,998

Marketing Materials

– Paper Bag

– Brochure

– Tarpaulin

– Product Codes

Gold Package Web Grid

Frequently ask Questions

Questions easily answered

How can I retrieve my 1 day to 1 week transaction history if I lost track?

You may request our Customer Care Representatives to send you your transaction logs thru HELP. Just provide your valid email address and wait for their confirmation.

How can I confirm if my loading transactions are successful?
  1. Always advise the customer to check their prepaid balance.
  2. You can also ask our HELP desk:

For your loading and other concern, type: HELP (space) concerns and send to gateway.

Is Multiple Loading of E-Pins for Prepaid Cable account allowed?

For Cignal:

No. you can only top up 1 PIN per month


Yes. Multiple loading of GSAT Security Codes are allowed. The next load will automatically start upon consumption of the first load.

What do I need to top up the E-pin on my account?

For Cignal Cable PIN Top up:

  1. Use only Smart/TNT or Sun mobile number in sending your command and have at least P1 regular load in sending your command to 5353.
  2. Format of top up command: CIGNAL (space) PIN (space) CIGNAL ACCOUNT # send to 5353.

For GSAT Cable Security code Top up:

  1. Make sure your IRD is turned on to Channel 1 and you have at least P1 regular load in sending your command.
  2. Format for GSAT99 top up: GPINOY (space) Box# (space) Security code send to 09989751200 (Smart), 09258003417 (Sun), 09178867360 (Globe).
  3. Format for GSAT300 top up: GSAT (space) Box# (space) Security code send to 09989751200 (Smart), 09258003417 (Sun), 09178867360 (Globe).
  4. Send your command to Globe or Sun number if the mobile number you are using is Smart, and vice versa.
What will be the alternative if 8724 Access code is unavailable?

We should use TPC gateways in sending our loading and other transactions and wait for the Information message if 8724 is available and ready for use.

How to refund load?

To Refund, type: HELP (space) RF (space) Trace Number (space) Date and Time and send to gateway.

*Only Load Pocket and unsuccessfully loaded amount can be refunded.

*Loaded (Gaming and cable) E-Pins cannot be refunded.

What is the difference between Desired User ID and Placement User ID during encoding?

Desired User ID is the desired Username of the New System Owner.

Placement User ID is where the new System Owner be placed in your organization.

How to activate a System User?

To activate, type: ACT (space) mobile Number and send to gateway.

*Example: ACT 09123456789 and send to gateway.

Note: 100 Load Pocket balance is required to activate a System User. The 100 Load Pocket that was deducted from your account will be received by the New System User.

How to activate a New System Owner thru SMS Command?

To encode, type: JOIN (space) Activation code/Mobile number/Complete Name/Desired User ID/Sponsor User ID/Placement User ID/A or B and send to gateway.

*Example: JOIN ABCDEFGH1234/09123456789/JUAN DELA CRUZ/JUAN001/MAN002/MARIA001/B and send to gateway.


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